AWS Inspector

Amazon Inspector is an automated security assessment service that helps improve the security and compliance of applications deployed on AWS. Amazon Inspector automatically assesses applications for vulnerabilities or deviations from best practices. After performing an assessment, Amazon Inspector produces a detailed list of security findings prioritized by level of severity.nTo help you get started quickly, Amazon Inspector includes a knowledge base of hundreds of rules mapped to common security best practices and vulnerability definitions. Examples of built-in rules include checking for remote root login being enabled, or vulnerable software versions installed. These rules are regularly updated by AWS security researchers.

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API Paths

Add Attributes To Findings (GET) /?Action=AddAttributesToFindings OpenAPI
Create Assessment Target (GET) /?Action=CreateAssessmentTarget OpenAPI
Create Assessment Template (GET) /?Action=CreateAssessmentTemplate OpenAPI
Create Resource Group (GET) /?Action=CreateResourceGroup OpenAPI
Delete Assessment Run (GET) /?Action=DeleteAssessmentRun OpenAPI
Delete Assessment Target (GET) /?Action=DeleteAssessmentTarget OpenAPI
Delete Assessment Template (GET) /?Action=DeleteAssessmentTemplate OpenAPI
Describe Assessment Runs (GET) /?Action=DescribeAssessmentRuns OpenAPI
Describe Assessment Targets (GET) /?Action=DescribeAssessmentTargets OpenAPI
Describe Assessment Templates (GET) /?Action=DescribeAssessmentTemplates OpenAPI
Describe Cross Account Access Role (GET) /?Action=DescribeCrossAccountAccessRole OpenAPI
Describe Findings (GET) /?Action=DescribeFindings OpenAPI
Describe Resource Groups (GET) /?Action=DescribeResourceGroups OpenAPI
Describe Rules Packages (GET) /?Action=DescribeRulesPackages OpenAPI
Get Telemetry Metadata (GET) /?Action=GetTelemetryMetadata OpenAPI
List Assessment Run Agents (GET) /?Action=ListAssessmentRunAgents OpenAPI
List Assessment Runs (GET) /?Action=ListAssessmentRuns OpenAPI
List Assessment Targets (GET) /?Action=ListAssessmentTargets OpenAPI
List Assessment Templates (GET) /?Action=ListAssessmentTemplates OpenAPI
List Event Subscriptions (GET) /?Action=ListEventSubscriptions OpenAPI
List Findings (GET) /?Action=ListFindings OpenAPI
List Rules Packages (GET) /?Action=ListRulesPackages OpenAPI
List Tags For Resource (GET) /?Action=ListTagsForResource OpenAPI
Preview Agents (GET) /?Action=PreviewAgents OpenAPI
Register Cross Account Access Role (GET) /?Action=RegisterCrossAccountAccessRole OpenAPI
Remove Attributes From Findings (GET) /?Action=RemoveAttributesFromFindings OpenAPI
Set Tags For Resource (GET) /?Action=SetTagsForResource OpenAPI
Start Assessment Run (GET) /?Action=StartAssessmentRun OpenAPI
Stop Assessment Run (GET) /?Action=StopAssessmentRun OpenAPI
Subscribe To Event (GET) /?Action=SubscribeToEvent OpenAPI
Unsubscribe From Event (GET) /?Action=UnsubscribeFromEvent OpenAPI
Update Assessment Target (GET) /?Action=UpdateAssessmentTarget OpenAPI